.. I’m Charles Sekwalor, but you can call me Chale.


Living for the journey, never the destination

Why am I here…

To make change, drive positive impact, to enable others to discover their purpose and to have a great experience in the process!

About Chale

Charles Sekwalor is a serial entrepreneur with a strong passion for driving positive change in the world through the application of business principles and bringing together talented people to solve complex problems.

Charles is CEO and Founder of Movemeback, a members’ community of top global talent, leaders and influencers, interested in Africa. Movemeback is enabling its members to connect with exciting and distinctive career opportunities, build the next set of African businesses and entrepreneurial solutions and to invest in high impact opportunities, whilst facilitating member collaboration, relocation and access to invaluable insight. Through the development of the Movemeback community, Charles’ organisation is enabling and empowering talented individuals to shape and accelerate Africa’s social and economic development. Charles is also Managing Director of COS Ventures – a venture building and investment organisation.



Life Long Purpose

The other day I was walking through central London with a friend when she asked me.. “how did you end up here, given your background and where you grew up”. I started thinking of an Instagram Reel moment – motivational background music and a deep voice-over by yours-truly with a narrative stitched around “Hard Work, …

McKinsey Alumni Center- Focus on Founders: Charles Sekwalor brings talent – and economic development – to Africa with Movemeback

Movemeback aims to drive social and economic development in Africa by connecting leading talent with distinctive career and entrepreneurship opportunities – both on the continent and with each other – for meaningful collaborations. Charles, a self-described “eternal optimist,” recognizes the interconnected, complex challenges facing development in Africa, but sees just as many solutions. And his …

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