Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year beautiful people

Let this be a year filled with sharing of new and meaningful experiences, new friendships, repairing & solidifying of old friendships, unbounded trust and faith in others and above all fearlessness..

My humble learnings of the year gone tells me that this year we must again work hard to keep fear (in all forms) to a minimum in our lives. It is the driver of so much negativity from world conflict, hatred amongst loved ones to missed opportunities.

Imagine a year without fear: fear of judgement, fear of another, fear of truth, fear of losing, fear of trying, fear of the unfamiliar, fear of hurt, fear of labels, fear of rejection or even fear of oneself. Imagine!

Let’s try to embrace everyone who walks our way; contort ourselves in any way we must to see the individual lights that shine – the light is there; for this light is like water -it will always find a path.

Let’s try to be fearless, be understanding and giving yet do not forget or fear to embrace, celebrate and share the most authentic attributes that lie beneath in ourselves, in our truly unclad forms. For every scary path that lies in wait, someone has already walked it – there’s nothing to fear.

This year I promise to find more time to see and speak with many more of you – so don’t be fearful – say hi:-)

Thank you family, friends, special ones, work colleagues, F1, music, well wishers and beautiful people in general

Happy new year xx


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